33 poplar Rd.
Piscataway NJ, 08854


  • Media and marketing-a creative team who is responsible for getting the word out concerning the church special events through website, fliers, face-book, cable, and newspapers.
  • First Family Ministry-To Aid the Pastor and his family
  • Beautification Ministry-to maintain cleanliness, and decorate the church
  • Ushers/greeters-on upon entrance greeters will make you feel comfortable and express love for all worshippers. Ushers ensure that the service is conducted decently and in order, and insures the worshippers are comfortable, and nothing inhibits there focus on worship.
  • Audio and visual-maintains sound quality, and tapes the service. Also displays songs, scripture, and other things while videotaping service.
  • Parking Lot Team- will greet you with a warm and welcoming spirit. These individuals are responsible for instructing you where and how to park in the parking lot. For order and safety, and so that everyone can enter and leave easily.